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Avoid GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)!
When buying processed food (anything packaged) buy organic to avoid GMO (Since almost all the soy, corn, and canola in the US is genetically modified, over 70% of all processed food contain GMOs from by-products of these grains).

10 Healthiest Foods on the Planet
• Greens  • Lemon  • Broccoli  • Dark Chocolate
  • Potato  • Salmon  • Walnut  • Avocado  • Garlic  • Beans

Why buy organic?

Modern agriculture can be environmentally destructive by
causing soil erosion, polluting water with fertilizers and
chemical pesticides and potentially by altering the gene
pool of natural ecosystems.

Organic foods are produced without synthetic growth hormones, genetically engineered organisms, antibiotics, chemical fertilizers or manmade chemical pesticides. Food items are grown according to very strict set of rules which guarantee that harmful chemicals are not used. Sampretha Organic Foods therefore strongly encourages consumers to eat organic to the highest extent possible, especially pregnant women and children.

Secrets of healthy living

How do you support a healthy metabolism?
The process of metabolism establishes the rate at which we burn
our calories and, ultimately, how quickly we gain weight or how
easily we lose it. Although some factors affecting metabolic rate,
like age and genetics, can't be changed, there are ways to
maximize your metabolism.

• Eat Breakfast  • Eat Protein  • Exercise Regularly  • Consume Fiber